Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SnappleApple450 Post 5: Stupid Love Ruins Everything

Stupid Love Ruins Everything

"Liz, I neeeeeed you... call me back please? Bye." I hung my phone up and laid back on my bed. Once again, Liz failed to answer her phone.

"Twenty bucks says she's with her new boyfriend," I mumbled darkly to myself.

I hated Derik. He was stuck-up and loud. Not saying Liz and I were quiet people but geez there's a reason people go to the library. It's quiet. I never thought we'd be kicked out of a library before. That was my place of worship. It used to be Liz's too until she met the new football teams quarterback.

I don't even know what she saw in him. I mean, sure he was hot but come on. Knowing Lizzie, she could find a smart hot guy. I just hoped he was a passing phase so Liz would come back to spending her Friday nights with me on the couch and a bowl of popcorn.

My phone rang and I immediately answered it. "Liz! God, where have you been?!"

"Um...actually it's Paul."

I groaned. Paul was my pathetic lab partner. Not to say anything bad about him, but he was a little too nerdy for me. Always drooling over the latest comic books. I didn't know they still made those.

"What do you want Paul?" I huffed, angrier at Liz for not being the one to call.

He cleared his throat and I could have sworn I heard paper being rustled on the other end. "Dear Sam."

I stopped him. "Dear? Dude what do you want to say? I'm waiting for another phone call!"

He stuttered on the phone. "I-I-I just wanted to know if y-you had any plans tonight."

I internally cursed Liz even more now. Was I so desperate for entertainment that I would go out with Paul? The answer was no way in Hell.

"I'm sorry...Paul but actually I have plans."

He sighed for the longest time, making a big awkward bubble through the phone. "Alright then... I'll see you in school Monday."

I hung up without saying goodbye. His Eeyore-ness was bringing me down even more than I already was. I never did this to Liz, so why would she do it to me? It was unfair! We were weekend borders! We made a silent pact never to dump the other over a boy.

I growled, picking up my phone again. I dialed her cell phone one last time. Miraculously, she answered. "Uh...hello?" She sounded distracted.

"Liz! You answered!" I screamed happily.

"Yeah, that's what you do when the phone rings, genius." Her sarcasm was heard even through the music on her end.

"Where are you?" I covered my other ear so I could hear better.

"I'm at this club!" She screamed over the loud noise. "Hang on, I'll go outside!"

I waited patiently until the music died down. Finally it was quiet and she exhaled. "Hey babe, what's up?"

My mouth dropped. "What do you mean 'what's up?' Dude it's Friday night!"

She had a bubbly laugh. "Yeah I know! Derik took me to this club! I used a fake ID and everything! Whoo!" She screamed out before laughing again.

I pinched the bridge of my noise. "I meant, what about our plans? You were coming over to my house and we were gonna stay up all night making out with Ben and Jerry!"

"I've got something way better than Ben and Jerry and he's a wayyy better kisser too," she laughed to herself.

"Liz, this isn't you. What happened to you and me spending the weekends together? Now you're out at the club?!" I was ranting, letting all my anger pour out. She stayed silently listening so I continued. "You know what, me when my best friend's back." Click.

I laid in bed for half an hour, eating the two pints of Ben and Jerry's by myself. Usually I would get New York Super Fudge Chunks and she'd get Boston Cream Pie. We were taking over American cities, one spoonful at a time. I bit my spoon and reached over to my stereo, turning up my music. Lonely love songs were playing. I felt like I'd gone through a breakup. My best friend finally dumps me for a boyfriend. I was kicked to the curb.

I started singing along to the songs. "AND I'M THINKIN TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE!!!"

I heard clapping at my door and fell off the bed. Peaking over the side of my bed, I saw Liz standing with a bag and an apologetic smile. "Your mom let me in...."

I stood up, picking up the empty cartons of ice cream and throwing them away. "Soooo..." I said awkwardly, rubbing my arm where I fell.

She lifted up the bag. "I brought Chinese food and more Ben and Jerry's. I kinda knew you'd eat them both in one sitting alone..."

I chuckled, looking at the floor. I was embarrassed at how I acted on the phone. Liz put the food down and hugged me. "I'm sorry for ditching you!"

I hugged her back. "I'm sorry for being jealous!"

"Let's just forget it ever happened!" She smiled, pulling her shoes off. She grabbed a little box of noodles and chopsticks and jumped on my bed. I pulled apart some chopsticks and stole some noodles from her container.

"Get your own, bitch!" She laughed.

"Why when I can steal yours?" She rolled her eyes, handing me the noodles as she got another container. We sat on my bed, laughing and joking around, singing along to stupid love songs together all night. Finally passing out around 5 in the morning with chocolate stains on our faces from the ice cream.

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