Saturday, September 4, 2010

Destynee_Cullen Post 3: The Note

The Note

I felt him pull my hand and put a note inside it. I looked up at him wondering what he was up to. “Leo. What is this?” I asked gripping the note. He just smiled at looked at the note and walked to his class. I smiled to myself, he had been giving me notes since sixth grade. I had to hurry to my next class before the next bell rang.

I opened up the note as soon as I sat down. It read:

“Meet me at the old field after school. You know the one, where you kicked Georgia's ass in sixth grade. ;)”

I laughed out loud and quickly stifled it as everyone turned to see what I was laughing about. The teacher gave me a pointed look but I just pointed to the book and said, “Someone drew a cartoon. Sorry for the interruption.” The teacher sighed and continued with the lecture.

I had to stay after school to help with my study group. Once we were done I rushed to the field. I smiled widely as all the memories of Leo and I playing there as kids. The day that Georgia tried to take my kickball was the day I learned what a true friend was.

Georgia came up to Leo and I as we were just casually kicking the ball back in forth. She took the ball and was walking away with it. Leo grabbed her and pulled the ball back from her. “The ball isn’t yours!” He shouted at her. Thats when she pulled back her fist and hit him square in the nose.

I was so mad all I wanted to do was punch her. And thats exactly what I did. She was screaming and yelling, trying to pull my hair. Leo had to finally pull me off of her. She never messed with Leo again, or me for that matter. Before I knew it I was in the field. The sun was just over the horizon maybe ten minutes from setting. Then I saw Leo with his back to me and I couldn’t resist sneaking up on him.

I walked slowly behind him trying to imitate a ninja. Right before I moved to jump on his back he said, “You realize you hum secret agent music when you try to sneak up on me right?” I could hear the smile in his voice. I could have sworn that the music was only in my head.

He laughed and turned around and he had a big smile on his face. I saw that he had a notebook with him with a few pages ripped out. I turned my head to the side to read what one of them said and he pulled it away from my sight. I smirked at him, “Love letters to Elaine?” Elaine was the popular girl in school it wouldn’t surprise me if Leo was after her too. The rumor around school was that she loved poems and love letters. I just wanted to gag when ever she spoke.

He smiled again and I was getting suspicious. I glanced around making sure this wasn’t another start of a prank war between us. He chuckled realizing what I was doing and he took my hand in his and pulled me down to the soft grass. His touch was so tender it shocked me I couldn’t even think of a smart-ass remark.

“Julie I bet your wondering why I asked you to meet me here.” He looked into my eyes and I saw the little boy I defended in sixth grade. I just nodded. “I have something for you.” He reached into the notebook and pulled out a folded piece of paper. He looked over at the setting sun before he looked at me and put it in my hand.

I looked at him and he was looking down at me waiting for me to open it. I was shocked by the butterflies in my stomach. I unfolded it and smiled as it had a few words and two boxes. It read:

“Will you go out with me?
Yes or No”

There was a box next to yes and no. I looked up at him and I smiled. I pulled close to his ear and whispered “Do you have a pencil?” He laughed and reached into his pocket and handed it to me. I took it and pulled the note to the side where he couldn’t see what I was going to choose.

“What are you doing over there Julie? It doesn’t take that long to check a box.” He said with a smile. I looked at him over my shoulder, “Patience Leo, patience.” He growled and I smiled. I took my time coloring in the box I wanted and finally handed it back to him after a few minutes.

He opened it with haste and he smiled, “That wasn’t one of the choices.” I leaned on his chest. “No but it was a better one.” I felt him lean down and felt his breath on my ear. “Hell yeah?” I could hear a laugh waiting to come out. I turned to face him our lips inches apart I whispered, “Hell yeah I will go out with you Leo.” He smiled and closed the distance between our lips.

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